Is There Any Random in an Online Casino and Pokies?

Casino pokies and slot machines employ random numbers, which work continuously at a very high speed and use the most recent result when the user presses the lever (or presses the button) to spin the reels. Modern machines use PRNGs and drive the reels with stepper motors to ensure that the game flow is smooth and there is no one to control the game flow or do any type of manipulations. In this review, you will learn how the algorithm for generating random numbers works and whether it is realistic to predict the sequence it is to get an edge over online casinos.

What Is RNG?

RNGs are devices that predict all types of game manipulations and cheating. Thermal noise is considered a physical phenomenon, and then, using a special device, it is converted into a sequence of ones and zeros (bits). This sequence is random. The disadvantages of these “machines” are that they are quite slow. They are slower than RNGs. The latter option is an ideal choice for online casinos, which is why it is mainly used by most gambling establishments.

All RNGs are completely different. They can be based on various algorithms:

  • The basic numbers from the RNG algorithm are theoretically predetermined and cannot be changed;
  • To provide better protection against third-party hackers and cheaters, online casino software developers change these numbers from time to time. At this point, the algorithm stops working and rotates 90 degrees;
  • Tracking the results is not possible. There is no device that could find at what point another number replaces the previous one.

There is a risk that any game can be hacked, and the scammers will get big wins. There was a situation when cheaters tried to hack RNGs. You may have heard the story of Ron Harris, the slot machine specialist. His job was to find errors in the device. Of course, the smart Ron took advantage of his position and won several jackpots on Las Vegas slot machines.

In the end, Harris was sent to prison and banned from playing in all casinos in America (and probably around the world). It would be more correct to say that Harris did not crack the RNG; the man exploited his mistakes. But modern generators are better and safer.

RNG Implementation Process in Online Casinos

To implement an RNG, testers analyze the source code and run statistical tests to ensure that the RNG is acting randomly. Top online casino sites usually contain detailed information about the certification that their RNG has passed.


It is worth noting that the RNG system is regularly checked by the relevant organizations. Slot machines are fully tested by independent companies that conduct audits. All this is necessary so that gamblers can stay safe and comfortable when playing their favourite games.

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