How Online Casinos Prevent Card Counting in Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the famous online casino games. This is largely due to the simple rules that even a beginner can understand. In addition, many players choose this game because it is fast, and the casino has less chance of winning than other games. When playing by the most liberal rules, the house edge is only 0.28%. At the same time, card counting reduces the chances of the casino to win, while your winning odds go up. Those who count cards (“card counters”) have a small advantage (about 0.5-1%) over the casino. And although such people will win more money than they lose over time, they certainly cannot and will not win consistently.

This article will discuss the basic strategies for counting cards in blackjack and how online casino employees prevent this action to reduce the winnings of players in this card game.

What Is Card Counting in Blackjack?

Counting cards is a strategy used to predict who will have the advantage in the next hand — a player or a dealer. It allows players to place more bets with less risk when the account shows an advantage and to minimize losses when the game flow is unfavourable. Counting cards also allow gamblers to change game decisions based on the remaining cards.

How Players Count Cards in Blackjack?

After the dealer shuffles the cards, an equal number of small and large cards remain in the deck. By tracking the use of small and large cards, the counters know which cards there are more unplayed ones. When there are more big cards in the deck, the card counter gains an edge and makes big bets and vice versa.

First, each card is assigned a value. The counters then add up the values ​​of each card they see on the table arithmetically to get the total. This amount is called the checking account. If the current account has the following status, you can count on the following:

  • More than 0, then the remaining deck is dominated by large cards and the counter has an advantage;
  • Less than 0, then the deck is dominated by small cards and an advantage on the side of the casino;
  • Is equal to 0, then the unplayed cards have an equal number of large and small cards, and the deck is considered neutral (as after shuffling).

Online casinos try to prevent players from counting cards and make them bet more money with a positive current account (when they have an advantage) and less money with a negative account (when the advantage is on the casino’s side). In such a way, they want to ensure their advantage.


The odds in blackjack are not static from one hand to the next; they change depending on which cards were used in the previous round. Online casinos strive to minimize the “convenience” (which gives an advantage to the card counter) 1-deck games that have been adjusted specifically for card counting against gaming establishments. This method negates the player’s advantage against the casino.

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